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What is TreasuryPromo?
TreasuryPromo is an Etsy treasury exchange network! We are like a big treasury team, but we do not have a limit for the number of treasuries to be made per month. You can create treasuries whenever you want and earn karma points that way! Also you don't need to notify shops for including them in your treasuries, because if you make treasuries, you will be in treasuries!

How does it work?
You make treasuries with Etsy shops you like from our member list and other shops will add your items to their treasuries.
The first line gives you +3 karma points for each member shop item.
The second and third line gives you +2 karma points for each member item.
We charge a 10% commission of all earned karma points.
You will get karma points only for 5 members in treasury.
For example, if you make treasury with 4 member items in the first line and one item on the second line,
you will get 4 x 3 points + 1 x 2 points = 14 points - 1.4 (10% commission) = 12.6 karma points!

If someone makes treasury with your items, your karma points (3 points for the first line and 2 points for the second or the third line) go to the curator.

How to join TreasuryPromo?
1. Sign up and get +5 karma points for free!
2. Make trasuries including our member items and submit them to our system.

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